Adamian Teaching Award

The 2013 recipient of the Gregory H. Adamian Award for Excellence in Teaching is Steven J. Weisman from the Department of Law, Taxation and Financial Planning.

Professor Weisman’s many nominations from both graduate and undergraduate students over the years contain descriptions like “intelligent,” “motivating” and “inspiring.”  Several students noted that Professor Weisman not only cares about the course content but also about teaching his students to be good citizens out in world.

One of Professor Weisman’s key objectives is to challenge students about the way they think. One student noted: “Professor Weisman challenges all of us to take what we learn and apply it to real life scenarios, encouraging us to form opinions of our own and to be prepared to then defend them.” 

Another student wrote: “I know that I truly have taken away something more satisfying than any number grade could be.”

Yet another student summed it up this way: “I genuinely believe that Professor Weisman is very deserving of the Adamian Award, not just because he fits the criteria, but because he lives them every day.”

In such quotes is student learning evident, along with admiration and gratitude for the professor who inspired it.

So in recognition of his contributions to students at Bentley, we are pleased to award Steven J. Weisman the 2013 Gregory H. Adamian Award for Teaching Excellence.