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About the Center for Women and Business

At Bentley University, we understand that diversity of views and experiences creates value and fosters growth in leading organizations of all kinds. In the business world, however, despite significant advances made over the past several decades, women are still dramatically underrepresented, especially in executive suites and boardrooms. The challenges posed by today’s global marketplace make the inclusion of women in leadership positions an economic imperative. Bentley’s Center for Women and Business seeks to lead a global conversation about that imperative and to develop effective solutions for change.

MISSION:  Through innovative research and programming, the Center for Women and Business at Bentley University enables women leaders at each stage of their lives and careers, from student to CEO and beyond, to realize their full potential and enables the global business community to successfully harness that potential.

The center accomplishes its mission by:

ENCOURAGING young people to enter business through undergraduate and graduate education that promotes inclusion and diversity in business, instills resolve to make a difference in the workplace and the wider society, and provides the skills for succeeding in professional life.

SUPPORTING women’s advancement toward leadership positions at every career stage

EXPANDING opportunities for women to realize their greatest ambitions and to assume top leadership roles in the business

PROMOTING innovative research that furthers the global dialogue on women’s leadership, particularly surrounding the economic and social impact of collaborative leadership.