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Tom Cosgrove


Tom Cosgrove is a message and communications strategist. He has designed and implemented successful communications and grassroots campaigns for more than three decades as an environmental activist, campaign manager, political media consultant, and business and not-for-profit advisor.

In 1999, Tom formed The Cosgrove Group, a strategic communications consulting firm. Relying on the power of groundbreaking research and out-of-the-box thinking, The Cosgrove Group has solved communications problems for Fortune 50 companies, national political figures, international unions, not-for-profit organizations and a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Prior to founding The Cosgrove Group he worked as an organizer for the Coast Alliance, Field Director for the National Clean Air Coalition and Regional Representative for the Sierra Club; as a Campaign Manager and Field Director for presidential candidates Walter Mondale and Michael Dukakis; as a media consultant for members of Congress; and as a consultant for non-profits like the Sierra Club, the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation, the Ms. Foundation, the League of Conservation Voters, the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Clients of The Cosgrove Group have included the 2004 Democratic National Convention, The White House Project, Ovations – UnitedHealth Group,  Catholic Charities USA, Service Employees International Union, Campus Green Vote, Ceres and the Illinois Network of Charter Schools.  

In 2011, Tom co-founded New Voice Strategies (NVS), a nonprofit organization, built to serve citizens committed to new ideas and designed to empower their voices in the public policy arena. NVS is in the vanguard of the “new civics” movement in America, empowering more people to be involved in creating solutions for our country’s biggest challenges.

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