Peggy McGillin

Peggy McGillin

Journey Financial Planners


Peggy McGillin, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and principal of Journey Financial Planners, helps clients make smarter financial decisions and get better results. To transport her clients from concerned to comfortable and confident, Peggy adheres to a rational and efficient, low cost, well diversified investing philosophy that relies on evidence-based principles (i.e., quantified; no market timing).

When selling her Internet business, Peggy found her experience as a client of a big investment firm less than satisfying – expensive and not all that helpful. Believing there had to be a better way; Peggy started by working for three wealth management firms, and then made the decision to create her own firm.

Journey Financial Planners is an independent Registered Investment Advisor and financial planning firm based in Concord, MA, and founded in 2008. To ensure her advice is always in the best interest of her clients, Peggy is a fee-only planner, meaning she gets paid only by her clients (not the fund companies, insurance companies, or any broker/dealer).