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Emerging Global Trends for Business and Society

This seminar examines two important global trends: The growth of the emerging market multinationals and the global sustainability challenge.  

Emerging market economies are countries that have established a moderate degree of market-based commercial infrastructure such as labor markets, legal transparency, capital markets, and external supply chains.   The success of emerging market MNCs (multinational corporations) is based on the adaptation of the traditional business strategies to the distinct conditions of their home countries.  They compete with the developed country MNCs in their local market as well as global markets. 

While sustainability can be defined from many perspectives, in this seminar it is approached from a simple principle:  For its survival and growth human being depends on its natural environment.  And it should make sure that it will continue to have the water, materials, and resources to protect its health and the environment.

Global Marketing Simulation

Global marketing’s main job is to create customer value in the global marketplace. This workshop focuses on how managers evaluate global market opportunities and develop market entry and expansion strategies in order to create customer value internationally.  The primary challenge is to decide if the marketing strategies will be strictly local, global, or adapted from other markets. Through a highly challenging computer simulation, students learn how to assess global marketing opportunities and how to develop and manage marketing strategies in a global setting.

Transforming the Enterprise through Social Media and Technology Trends

This workshop looks at how technology developments and social media enable new business opportunities.  Using recent white papers, blog posts, and journal articles to provide theoretical background, along with several hands-on exercises to gain practical experience, participants will explore online social networks, cloud computing services, big data techniques, and mobile devices to better evaluate their impact on consumers and the enterprise.

This seminar presents, particularly from the North American perspective, how innovative organizations are using these technologies to transform the way they do business, and how they discover new opportunities enabled by new technologies.  The goal is to empower participants to encourage similar technology-based innovation processes in their own work environments. The seminar emphasizes the importance of understanding both business and technology considerations in making IT-based business innovation a reality.

This seminar is held in Bentley’s state-of-the-art CIS Studio classroom, a social learning space designed to promote collaborative learning.

Understanding Global Financial Markets

This workshop course focuses on the global financial markets and provides students with a practical and comprehensive overview of how the markets interact. Conducted in the state-of-the-art Trading Room at Bentley, students develop a better understanding of how financial markets work from a theoretical perspective, how different financial markets underpin the economy and the increasing importance of information in global financial markets.