Leadership Forum Essay Winners

Question #1
What innovations in disease prevention and health care could contribute to "the business of healing our world"?
First prize: Freda Leng, "The Tools That Heal Our World"
Second Prize: Julie Fischer, "Telomere Research Has a Huge Potential to Save Lives"
Question #2
What innovations in environmental and energy practice could contribute to "the business of healing our world"?
First prize: Landi Morris, "Providing Food Security via Organic Agriculture"
Second Prize: Adam Bolduc, "Reforming the Global Corporation Business Model"

From Landi Morris:
“Poor nutrition and hunger plague almost one in six individuals in today’s world.”[1] In an era where technology and globalization are spreading rampantly, it is hard to imagine how a crisis this catastrophic can affect such a large number of the population. Innovative thinking implies employing a new, prosperous concept to solve this problem. Truly innovative actions, however, can involve reverting to mature theories with the potential to invigorate currently implement implemented policies.”

From Alan Bolduc:
“The key to many of these reforms in global corporations has been their creation of new energy efficient business models, transparency and effectiveness in supply chain management, combined with green leasing and construction. Even a more recent ideology of linking employee compensation with environmental metrics has given the business world a more than solid base to build on in drastically reducing its carbon footprint. It is not so much that today’s business people are more environmentally friendly then in the past but rather being a green company has become more economically viable and fiscally responsible to do so with these new business models and ideas.”

From Freda Leng:
“I am fully aware of the struggles that people face in poverty stricken countries. I have experienced the pain of having to sit and watch an aunt battle disease in the poor lands of Cambodia, and the incident is as vivid in my mind as the day it happened ten years ago. My family line is deeply connected to Cambodia. I have numerous cousins from four-months old to 18-years old that I know may be susceptible to the unsanitary living conditions in Phnom Penh, Kampuchea.” 

From Julie Fischer:
“It is truly amazing how beneficial discoveries such as the ones made by the 2009 Nobel Prize winners, Blackburn, Greider and Szostak, are to the “business of our healing world.” Without the discovery of the functions of telomeres and telomerase, scientist would not be on able to even fathom the ideas of stopping cancer cells…”