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First Year Global Living Center - Application Process Fall 2014


Participants in the Global Living Center (GLC) live together on the same floor in Miller Hall and have the opportunity to learn about multiple cultures and living environments.  This floor is also open for both men and women and houses 49 residents and two Resident Assistants.

The GLC will provide you with opportunities to connect with peers from around the world and learn about different cultures.  Programs and events in the community will be designed to bring everyone together to discuss international issues, learn about the world economy, and share your own diverse and unique experiences and ideas.  Miller Hall GLC residents will also have opportunities to attend events in the Orchard North Global Living Center, geared toward upperclassmen, located on Bentley's Lower Campus.

Why YOU should be a part of this floor:

• Residents will be provided with unique opportunities to meet and network with globally focused professionals inside and outside of the Bentley community.

• Specially focused programs and events will be planned to provide residents with new and challenging experiences to grow as people and future professionals.

• Students will be encouraged to explore different leadership opportunities on campus as well as abroad experiences.

• There are dedicated staff members and professionals committed to creating a floor that supports the mission of the University by offering opportunities that are enriched with cultural diversity, community development and spirit.

Applicant Information
Essay Component

1. What draws you to a community built on cultural understanding and global education?

2. How will living in the GLC prepare you for your future as a person and professional?

3. What are your interests, hobbies and educational goals?

Important Housing Information

If you are interested in living with another student who is also applying to the GLC, please submit the name and ID number of that student in the space provided.  Requests must be mutual and please realize that it may not be possible to accommodate all roommate requests. Please also note that both roommates must submit their own respective applications to live in the GLC community.