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First Year Wellness Community - Application Process Fall 2014


Participants in the First Year Wellness Community live together on the same floor in Slade Hall and have the opportunity to live and learn in an environment that is focused on maintaining a balanced lifestyle.  This floor is open for both men and women and houses 39 residents and two Resident Assistants.

Resident Assistants, Residence Life Professional Staff, as well as Health Professionals, will work collaboratively to plan both on and off campus events and programs that are focused towards living a well-balanced life.  Education and programming for this floor is based on the Wellness Wheel model, where physical, social, occupational, intellectual, environmental and spiritual wellness are seen as being important to each person’s development.  This floor is located in the same building as a fitness studio and a racquetball court, which is open at certain time exclusively for Wellness residents only.  The success of the community is dependent upon full participation of all members.

Why YOU should be a part of this floor:

• You will be provided with unique opportunities to take part in programs that involve elements such as relaxation, nutrition, fitness, meditation, yoga, sports and more.

• You will be provided times of exclusive access to the fitness studio and racquetball court, located just one floor away in the same building.

• You will be encouraged to take the skills that you will learn as part of this floor to other leadership opportunities on and off campus, early on in your Bentley career.

• There are dedicated staff members and professionals committed to creating a healthy, balanced and fun community for this floor!

Applicant Information
Essay Component

Please submit an essay that addresses the following topics:

1. Why are you interested in the opportunity to be a part of the Wellness Community?

2. How do you feel this community will help you develop personally and academically?

3. What are your interests, hobbies and educational goals?

Important Housing Information

If you are interested in living with another student who is also applying to the Wellness Community, please submit the name and ID number of that student in the space provided.  Requests must be mutual and please realize that it may not be possible to accommodate all roommate requests. Please also note that both roommates must submit their own respective applications to live on the Wellness Floor.