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Women's Leadership Floor - Application Process Fall 2014

The Women’s Leadership Floor (WLF) is a specialty community housed in the Trees Complex. The mission of the floor is to provide a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment for the twenty-one incoming female students interested in starting their leadership journey at Bentley early!  Through intentional programming, dynamic speakers, and numerous opportunities to network, residents of the WLF will not only be prepared to join and embrace the business world, but will realize and utilize their critical role on the local, national and global landscapes.  Past floor activities have included off-campus service trips, intimate meet and greets with high-profile corporate speakers, participation in local and national conferences, and numerous other leadership development opportunities. 

Mentorship Program: Selection to the WLF also grants you access to our Women’s Leadership Floor mentoring program.  Upper-class female students apply to this program specifically due to their interest in helping you acclimate to Bentley.  The mentors are dynamic, showcasing all that Bentley has to offer.  Some are heavily involved in work with admissions, the campus newspaper, student government, the service learning office and much, much more.  With acceptance to the WLF, you receive an individual mentor specifically assigned to help you transition to campus.  Social events will take place throughout the year that bring together the mentors and the floor as one collective group. 

Center for Women and Business:  As a member of the floor, you also gain access and special consideration from the Bentley University Center for Women and Business.  The Center is dedicated to the advancement of women in business and has partnerships with some of the most powerful and influential businesses in the U.S.  The staff in the office is made up of powerful women who have worked in leading corporations, on presidential campaigns, and in Boston’s leading law firms.  The WLF partners with this outstanding ally in its efforts to give you the best first year experience. 

Who we are looking for:
• Students desiring to be engaged in their floor community by attending & helping to plan campus events.
• Students interested in developing their leadership skills and abilities.
• Students with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.
• Students open to new ideas, willing to collaborate and learn from their peers.
• Students accepting of diversity and the multiple identities other individuals may have on the floor.
• Students driven to achieve and make Bentley University a better place.

Applicant Information
Essay Component

Please submit a response to the following prompts:

1. Explain why you are interested in this opportunity. Include your thoughts on how the Women’s Leadership floor will prepare you for your future at Bentley University. (500 Word Maximum)

2. We all know that life has its ups and down.  We face trials that test us and experience triumphs that uplift us.  In whatever way you see fit (i.e., by drawing, using PowerPoint, using video, mapping out or writing), please explain how you got to where you are today.  What has your life journey looked like and how has it led you to Bentley?  Things to think about could be, what has challenged you, what have you succeeded in, what are your goals, what has held you back, what is important to you, who has helped you get here, what do you value, where do you see yourself in five years?  You do not need to answer all of these questions, they are merely here to help you get started! If you choose to use a medium that is not able to be uploaded on this site, please email your submission to

This last question is meant to allow you to be creative.  If you are a good writer, write something.  If you express yourself better through visuals, through art, through music, use those mediums.  This question is ultimately supposed to let us get to know you better.  The product should be as YOU as possible!  Please direct any particular questions to Justin Woodard ( if you need more clarification or have questions.