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Academic Edge E-Program

Strategies for Academic Success for International Graduate Students

We encourage international students to take advantage of this program to increase academic skills in advanced English while improving writing, speaking, listening, pronunciation and business vocabulary prior to beginning classes. Confidence levels in using spoken and written English will be greatly strengthened. 

The Academic Edge E-Program runs annually from March 1 to July 31 for all international graduate school admitted students.

Students in the Academic Edge E-Program in advanced level English preparation can read and prepare business cases and then write a business case analysis. Papers are submitted by email for feedback. They can also converse and discuss program topics and assignments with Prof. Wright from the English & Media Studies Dept.

In addition, the best ways to document resources using the popular MLA, APA and Chicago Styles of documentation will be covered. Students in this pre-preparation program may take notes while listening to real lectures and real life radio shows and will take practice tests to assess performance. Skype sessions are available to practice speaking and pronunciation.

If you intend to enroll in the Academic Edge E-Program, please send an email to Professor Mary Wright at stating your intention to participate. You will later receive information on accessing the Bentley University Blackboard site to register and begin your lessons.

Once here in the fall/spring/summer sessions, students can receive ongoing academic support through:

  • 15 hours of one on one tutorial sessions just for international graduate students in AAC 095
  • Academic Excellence Workshops are also offered on a variety of business related topics once a week for graduate international students.

Email Mary Wright at if you wish to make tutorial appointments or to sign up for workshops.

Mary Wright, Faculty
Coordinator of International Graduate Tutorials & Workshops
Coordinator of the Academic Edge Program
McCallum Graduate School of Business & English & Media Studies Department
AAC 095,  781 891-2055