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Andy B. Aylesworth
Associate Professor of Marketing

A collaborative effort of arts and sciences professors working closely with their business academic colleagues brought to life the design of the Bentley MBA program. That spirit continues in the delivery of the program’s courses (modules) and is supported by visiting faculty from top European universities to provide a wide perspective on business and society.

Before entering academia, he was an account executive at Saffer Advertising in Chicago. The professor’s teaching centers on creativity, advertising, marketing communication and promotion, and marketing fundamentals. His research interests include enhancing creativity in business and the classroom and strategies to improve how marketing and business are taught.

In his own classroom, Aylesworth has enlisted improvisational comedy to help students boost their business skills. He has trained in the techniques himself and performed improv in the Boston area, and shares the relevant lessons in a graduate course called Enhancing Creativity.

Aylesworth has been published in the Journal of Marketing Education, Journal of Advertising and Journal of Business Research. He holds MBA and PhD degrees in marketing from Indiana University.

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Pierre Berthon
Professor, Information Design and Corporate Communication

Professor Berthon has held academic positions at Columbia University in the US, Henley Management College, Cardiff University and University of Bath in the UK. He has also taught or held visiting positions at Rotterdam School of Management, Copenhagen Business School, Norwegian School of Economics and Management, Cape Town Business School, University of Cape Town and Athens Laboratory of Business Administration. Before joining academia, he worked for Lotus Engineering and Lotus Sports Cars as a development engineer. Professor Berthon has worked with various national and international organizations including BP, Shell, Ernst and Young, Price Waterhouse, Colgate Palmolive, The Economist, The Metropolitan Police, Monsanto, Southern Life, Tompson Travel, Desmonds Textiles, Juta Press, Cosmopolitan, Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Oxford University Press. Professor Berthon's teaching and research focuses on electronic commerce, marketing information processing, organization and strategy, and management decision-making. He has written over 100 academic papers. A number of his papers have won awards in the US and in the UK. Professor Berthon was Bentley Scholar of the Year in 2003.

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Niek Brunsveld
Visiting Lecturer

Niek Brunsveld is senior policy advisor Research & Innovation at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and a visiting lecturer at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, the Netherlands and at Bentley University, Waltham MA. Brunsveld is an alum of the Bentley MBA program, class of 2013.

Brunsveld’s focus is on research and innovation, human capital, ethics and stakeholder engagement as core competencies of organizations and corporations. How should companies, academia and (governmental) organizations confront the dilemmas of today's fast-moving, globalizing world? This question is especially pertinent because of the multitude of stakeholders and norms and values that make up the environment of businesses, academia and organizations. Brunsveld contributes to answering this question, focusing on how vision, mission and strategy are intimately linked to product & process innovation, human capital, ethics and leadership.

In tackling these questions, Brunsveld draws on his background in humanities (PhD cum laude in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics from Utrecht University, the Netherlands), in business education (MBA high distinction, Bentley University) and on his work experience in research and innovation policy at world-leading universities. Prior to his current affiliations, Brunsveld was Fulbright Visiting Researcher at Harvard University, Cambridge MA, worked as project manager at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, and as policy advisor on responsible research and innovation at the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research.

Alina M. Chircu
Associate Professor, Chair of Information and Process Management Department

Prior to joining Bentley, Chircu taught MBA, MPA, undergraduate and PhD courses on IT-supported business processes, e-commerce, decision support systems, research methods, and information systems at the University of Texas at Austin, the University of Minnesota and the University of Iowa. Chircu's research interests include business process management and the business value of transformational technologies such as e-commerce, e-business e-government, and mobile communication technology.

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Wiley C. Davi
Associate Professor, Chair of English and Media Studies Department

Her research and teaching center on service–learning, diversity, composition and gender studies.

Academic publications to feature Davi’s byline include Liberal Learning, The Journal of Basic Writing and The Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning. Davi’s special expertise in issues related to diversity has inspired consulting assignments with Concord Academy, Bryant University, and other academic institutions. She routinely shares her work with colleagues in the United States and abroad, at gatherings such as the International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations; the Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference; and the Teaching Professor Conference.

Davi’s contributions in the classroom and beyond have earned wide recognition at Bentley, including the university’s Innovation in Teaching Award and Scholarship Award. She holds a PhD from Tufts University.

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Joel I. Deichmann
Associate Professor of Global Studies

Professor Deichmann earned his PhD from the University at Buffalo (1999). His current research focuses upon the spatial aspects of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and International Tourism, with special emphasis on Transition Economies of Central and Eastern Europe. He has published more than twenty-five articles in peer-reviewed journals such as Comparative Economic Studies, Eastern European Economics, Journal of Business and Economic Studies, Journal of Human Development and Capabilities, and Journal of Tourism Studies. Deichmann's teaching interests include Global Regions, Contemporary Europe, Transition Economies of Europe, and Global Transport & Tourism.

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Linda F. Edelman
Associate Professor of Strategic Management

She teaches courses on strategic management and management of innovation to undergraduates, masters and doctoral students, and executives.  Her research focuses on small firms, women and nascent entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurial finance.  Her work is featured in publications such as the Journal of Business Venturing, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, and Industrial and Corporate Change.

Edelman serves on three editorial boards and on an expert review panel for the Belgium FWO.  She is also an investigator on a three-year Russian research grant exploring student nascent entrepreneurship.  Edelman received her MBA and DBA from Boston University.  Before coming to Bentley, she studied at London Business School and was a research fellow at the Warwick Business School and a member of the IKON research group.

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David Gulley
Professor, Economics

Professor Gulley's current research focuses on the UK national lottery, financial markets, and health care markets. His fields of interest include macroeconomics, monetary economics, financial economics, and public finance. He has presented papers at numerous national and international conferences. His publications have appeared in Economic Inquiry, National Tax Journal, Journal of Macroeconomics, and Applied Financial Economics, among others.

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Alan N. Hoffman
Professor of Strategic Management

Hoffman’s professional credentials run the gamut from professor to author to investment manager to consultant.

His publication credits include the co-authored best-selling textbook Strategic Management and Business Policy. He also wrote The Strategic Management Casebook and Skillbuilder and more than 20 cases focused on strategic management issues at companies such as Whole Foods Market, Wynn Resorts, Ben & Jerry’s, and Liz Claiborne. Publications to feature his work are the Academy of Management Journal, Human Relations and Journal of Business Research, among others.

Hoffman holds a PhD in business and MBA in finance, both from Indiana University. Since 1995, he has managed private equity portfolios as principal of an investment firm. His consulting commitments include the Democratic National Committee, Office of the Party Secretary.

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Gesa E. Kirsch
Professor of English and Media Studies

Kirsch is a co-founder of the campus-based Womens' Leadership Institute (now the Center for Women and Business). Her research and teaching focus on feminism and composition; qualitative research methodology; women's rhetorical education; and ethics, social responsibility and sustainability.

She is author, co-author or co-editor of many books, including Beyond the Archives: Research as a Lived Process; Feminism and Composition: A Critical Sourcebook; and Ethical Dilemmas in Feminist Research. Her latest book, titled Feminist Rhetorical Practices: New Horizons for Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy Studies and co-authored with Jacqueline Jones Royster, is slated for publication in 2012.

Kirsch is a sought-after speaker in national and international settings. One recent engagement was for the National Endowment of Humanities Summer Institute on Sustainability and the Humanities, serving as a visiting fellow for a seminar on the role of ethics and social responsibility in facing climate change and working toward a sustainable future. Kirsch earned a PhD at the University of California, San Diego and a BA at United States International University.

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Marco Marabelli
Assistant Professor of Information and Process Management

Marco’s research philosophy involves a critical and practice-based approach to social dynamics associated with knowledge management and innovation, mostly at the network level. His primary focus is on the everyday use of technology at work and in private life, and its political implications.

Marco has published over 40 peer-reviewed articles in international journals, conference proceedings, and book chapters.

Among Marco’s 2016 works are an empirical paper on power dynamics associated with social network in healthcare (appeared in Organization Studies); a theoretical paper on how power and practice contribute to strategizing processes of knowledge exploration and exploitation (appeared in Information Systems Journal); and an Oxford University Press chapter on the role of non-IT based technology (physical objects) in networked coordination processes.

Marco is currently involved in a wide qualitative study on online behaviors on social media, and on the societal consequences of the use (and abuse) of big data deriving from digital traces.

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Marcia Millon Cornett
Robert and Julia Dorn Professor of Finance

She received her B.S. degree in economics from Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, and her M.B.A. and Ph.D. degrees in finance from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Dr. Cornett has written and published several articles in the areas of bank performance, bank regulation, corporate finance, and investments. Articles authored by Dr. Cornett have appeared in such academic journals as the Journal of Finance, the Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, the Journal of Financial Economics, Financial Management, and the Journal of Banking and Finance. In 2008, she was ranked the 124th most published out of more than 17,600 authors and the number five female author in finance literature over the last 50 years.

Along with Anthony Saunders, Dr. Cornett has recently completed work on the eighth edition of Financial Institutions Management (McGraw-Hill/Irwin) and the sixth edition of Financial Markets and Institutions (McGraw-Hill/Irwin). With Troy A. Adair, Jr. (Harvard University) and John Nofsinger (University of Alaska, Anchorage), she has also recently completed work on the third edition of Finance: Applications and Theory and the second edition of M: Finance (McGraw-Hill/Irwin).

Professor Cornett serves as an associate editor for the Journal of Banking and Finance, the Journal of Financial Services Research, Review of Financial Economics, Financial Review, and Multinational Finance Journal. Dr. Cornett has served as a member of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, and the Finance Committee of the SIU Credit Union. Dr. Cornett has also taught at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, the University of Colorado, Boston College, Southern Methodist University, and Boston University.

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Nicolas Minvielle
Visiting Professor

Nicolas is an associate professor in communication and culture at Audencia Business School (Nantes, France), where he is director of the university’s Specialized Master’s program in Marketing, Design and Creation. He received his doctorate in economics from École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS—The School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences) in Paris. In addition to founding his own design consultancy, Nicolas serves as consulting editor for De Boek’s ‘design and innovation’ series. His work on design appears in ten books and numerous articles.

Jeffrey Moriarty
Associate Professor of Philosophy

A focus on questions of just distribution within organizations and society has led him to study the allocation of power and money among executives and employees. He also has explored the relevance of “deservingness” in theories of justice. Publications to feature his work include Business and Society, Journal of Business Ethics, Philosophical Quarterly and Utilitas.

In courses, Moriarty examines issues in business ethics, political philosophy, and the philosophy of religion. He is active in the American Philosophical Association and the Society for Business Ethics, and serves on the editorial board of Business Ethics Quarterly. Moriarty holds a PhD in philosophy from Rutgers University.

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Peter Russo
Visiting Professor

Peter Russo founded and has served as the executive director of the Institute for Transformation in Business and Society at EBS University in Wiesbaden, Germany. He is that university’s academic director of the Master in Business Innovation program and has published works on social innovation. Peter received his doctorate in business administration from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany). He has conducted research at MIT and Stanford in the US.

Patrick A. Scholten
Associate Professor of Economics

Scholten's research interest focuses on the organization and behaviors of firms in online retail markets. More general research and teaching interests include Industrial Organization, Managerial Economics, Applied Game Theory and Applied Econometrics. His teaching interests include Industrial Organization, General Microeconomics, and Applied Econometrics. Professor Scholten's research has appeared in the Journal of Industrial Economics, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing and Advances in Applied Microeconomics. In addition, he has co-authored several managerial case studies that appear in the Instructor's Manual to Accompany Managerial Economics and Business Strategy, 4th.

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David L. Schwarzkopf
Associate Professor of Accountancy

Schwarzkopf's interests include literature, music, environment, languages, and cultures. He has an undergraduate degree in German, an MPA with a focus on Business and Government Relations in Science and Technology, and a PhD in Business with a Concentration in Accountancy. Professor Schwarzkopf's teaching interests include Social Policy Analysis, Internationalization, and Accountability of Professions & their Role in Society.

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Karen Scibinico

Karen’s career at Bentley spans 20 years, most recently as a lecturer in the Management Department. She has taught undergraduate courses in organizational behavior and leadership skills, and graduate courses in team effectiveness and management consulting. In addition, she has facilitated a number of team skills workshops. When she was an associate dean and director of the Center for Executive and Professional Education, she led a team of 25 people delivering professional development programs both on campus and at corporate locations. Over the past 14 years, Karen has built three successful businesses, and has served as a leadership and career coach providing individual coaching and leadership seminars to businesses, private schools, colleges and universities. Karen received a bachelor’s degree from Simmons College and a Master’s in Educational Administration from Boston College.

Duncan Spelman
Professor, Chair of Management Department

His research and teaching center on diversity, intercultural competence, leadership, and organizational change.

Spelman has written numerous articles, cases, book chapters and book reviews and has presented at many national and international conferences.  He served as Bentley’s Director of Diversity for many years and was founding director of Bentley’s Center for Excellence in Teaching.  Dr. Spelman is also an organizational consultant specializing in diversity and organizational renewal. He has consulted to a wide variety of organizations including businesses, schools and universities, and governmental agencies.

Spelman has received several awards at Bentley including the Innovation in Teaching Award, the Curricular Service Learning Teaching Award, and the MLK Breakfast Lifetime Achievement Award. He holds an A.B. in Sociology (Urban Affairs) from Princeton, an Ed.M. from Harvard, and a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Case Western Reserve.

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Marcus M. Stewart
Associate Professor of Management

He teaches courses in leadership, organizational behavior, human resource management, organizational change and diversity. His research, which focuses on leadership, cross-cultural skill development and social justice, has been featured in publications that include the Journal of Applied Psychology and Personnel Psychology.

With significant expertise in conducting assessments of employee attitudes and organizational culture, Stewart provides training in leadership and cross-cultural skills for numerous organizations. His clients include government agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, Fortune 100 firms such as IBM, and nonprofits such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Stewart serves on the editorial board of The Academy of Management Learning & Education journal, from which he earned the Outstanding Reviewer Award for 2011. He holds BS and MBA degrees from Bentley and a PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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Scott R. Thomas
Lecturer of Law, Taxation, & Financial Planning

Professor Thomas has a focused expertise in multistate income tax planning and a broadbased knowledge of federal taxation. His primary teaching interest is Multi-Jurisdictional Taxation of Corporations & Shareholders. 

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Cyrus R. Veeser
Associate Professor of History

The years 1870 to 1945 provide the backdrop for much of his research, on topics such as colonial modernization and business and economic history in the United States.

In addition to numerous journal articles and book reviews, Veeser has written two books: A World Safe for Capitalism and Great Leaps Forward. His current work – Crash, Bang, Boom – examines how wars and economic depression before 1945 launched the postwar “American century.” He has received a Fulbright Fellowship as well as support from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Charles Warren Center at Harvard University. Veeser holds a PhD from Columbia University.

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Elaine M. Walker
Lecturer of Management

Walker has twenty years of corporate and consulting experience in senior human resources positions for high-performing multinational organizations. Her primary teaching interest focuses on Aligning Business Strategy with Human Resources Strategy. Walker's research focuses on Ethics in Human Resources.

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