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MBA: Management Concentration

The Management Concentration fosters the people management skills and understanding of complex systems that help individuals build, lead, and contribute to effective organizations. Professionals in fields such as engineering, information systems, and health care delivery often choose this concentration to prepare for a career move into management. In consultation with the faculty adviser, students may select courses within the concentration or in combination with other electives to specialize in areas such as human resources, project management, management of operations and technology, entrepreneurship, service focused management, global business and market, and corporate ethics and social responsibility.

Bill Starner

Complete any four of the following courses.

GBE790                Global Business Experience

MG600                 Entrepreneurial Thinking

MG620                 Business of Biotechnology

MG630                 Interpersonal Behavior in Management

MG632                 Managing Effective Work Teams

MG635                 Negotiating

MG640                 Managing Strategic Alliances

MG645                 Managing Organizational Change

MG646                 Management of Technology

MG647                 Managing Effectively in Technology-Based Business Environments

MG651                 Project Management

MG652                 Management of Innovation

MG 653                Managing Services

MG 654                Managing Quality

MG656                 Driving Organizational Performance through Human Resources

MG661                 International Management Behavior

MG670                 Managing in a Diverse Workplace

MG671                 Management of Transnational Corporation

MG701                 Internship in Management

MG704                 Management Consulting Skills

MG705                 Field Project in Change Management

MG755                 Special Topics in Management

Or select no more than one of the following courses:

EC631                    Market Structure & Firm Strategy

IDCC620               Managerial Communication

IDCC711              Argumentation Strategies for Business

Students may wish to focus their study using required concentration and elective courses in a planned way.   Faculty members from multiple departments have strategically grouped elective and required courses together in an advising guide entitled “Optional MBA Focus Strategy.”  Students are encouraged to review the advising guide, but must remember that a focus area is optional and does not remove or alter any part of the required curriculum.  The Management Department has proposed the following areas of focus for consideration:  Management of Operations and Technology, Entrepreneurship, Service-Focused Management, Global Business and Markets, and Corporate Ethics and Social Responsibility.