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MBA: Leadership Concentration (formerly Management)

The Leadership Concentration (formerly called Management) develops the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to effectively lead complex multinational/multicultural organizations. Students from such diverse fields as engineering, IT, biotechnology, consulting, financial systems, health care and many others often choose this concentration as preparation for advancement into broader leadership roles. In consultation with the faculty adviser, students select from a wide variety of courses and develop a personalized leadership concentration best suited for their individual career aspirations.

Students selecting a Leadership Concentration must complete any four courses from the following list.  Course “clusters” (see below) are intended as a guide for current and/or prospective students for evaluating and selecting individual Leadership Concentration courses or electives. Students with a Leadership Concentration are free to choose any four courses and are not limited to courses listed under a particular cluster(s).  From time to time additional courses not found on this list may be offered.  These courses will be found on the Registrar’s web site.

Bill Starner

Complete any four of the following courses:

Leadership Skills for the Next Level

MG 630: Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

MG 635: Negotiating

MG 640: Managing Strategic Alliances

MG 651: Project Management

Leading in Complex Global Team Environments

MG 600: Entrepreneurial Thinking

MG 632: Leading Effective Work Teams

MG 661: Global Leadership

MG 670: Leading in a Diverse Workplace

MG 645: Leading Change

Leading Innovative Processes

MG 646: Leading Technology Based Organizations

MG 652: Strategic Innovation

MG 653: Leading Service Innovation

MG 654: Leading for Quality

Global Business Leadership

GBE 790: Global Business Experience – These intensive, international education experiences offered during semester breaks can be a powerful component of all the clusters. On these programs, Bentley professors lead students on immersive learning experiences to a variety of regions of the world. GBE courses offer students the unique opportunity to interact with a variety of global business, government, and NGO leaders in combination with cultural activities and other relevant site visits.

No more than one of the following courses is also applicable toward the concentration:

EC 631:    Market Structure & Firm Strategy

IDCC620: Managerial Communication

IDCC711: Argumentation Strategies for Business