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Masters in Information Technology Sample Plan of Study

The Masters of Information Technology degree requires the completion of ten three-credit courses, for a total of 30 credits. The curriculum page contains descriptions of all of the Masters of Information Technology courses. Degree requirements include the completion of six core courses and four electives. One of the electives must be a Masters of Information Technology elective course. Another must be an Information Systems & Technology (IS&T) course, which can be a graduate course from the Masters of Information Technology program, the Human Factors in Information Design program or the Information Process Management Department. The remaining two electives are unrestricted and can be any 600-level or higher graduate course from across all Bentley masters programs. Students may choose to use those unrestricted electives in conjunction with the IS&T elective to complete a Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics.

Masters of Information Technology Core Courses

The following six courses comprise the Masters of Information Technology degree core:

  • CS 603 Object-Oriented Application Development
  • CS 605 Data Management Modeling
  • CS 607 Technology Infrastructure of Information Systems
  • CS 610 Enterprise Architecture
  • CS 620 Global IT Project Management
  • CS 630 Object-Oriented Systems Analysis and Design

Students may be granted course substitutions for CS 603, CS 605, and/or CS 607 upon admittance to the program if they have completed equivalent undergraduate courses within the last five years with a grade point average of 3.0 or better out of 4.0. Admitted students can also petition for course substitutions after matriculating at Bentley. Please see the application process page for more information.

Incoming Students with no Masters of Information Technology course substitutions:
New students who do not have a background in IT are required to take the six courses in the MSIT core. During the first semester, full-time students typically take three or four courses. The recommended three-course set is CS 603, CS 605, and CS 607. If opting for a fourth course, then CS610 is recommended. If this course is not taken in the first semester, it should be taken in the subsequent semester.

Incoming Students with Masters of Information Technology course substitutions:
New students who have been granted course substitutions for CS 603, CS 605, and/or CS 607 may take higher-level electives in their place. We encourage you to discuss the various options with the Masters of Information Technology program director.

Choosing Masters of Information Technology electives:

When choosing electives, it is recommended that students with no or limited prior IT experience choose primarily from the Masters of Information Technology program electives. This will provide more depth in technology-related concepts and issues. Students with prior experience are encouraged to more fully explore the electives offered across the university’s masters programs, paying heed to the prerequisites for those courses.

The Masters of Information Technology degree electives can be grouped into the following clusters. While students can pick and choose from among these electives, it may be helpful to keep these clusters in mind when seeking to develop particular areas of expertise.

Application cluster:
CS 612 Web-Based Application Development
CS 680 Mobile Application Development

Data Management and Infrastructure, Cloud Computing, Big Data cluster:
CS 650 Data Management Architectures
CS 753 Business Intelligence Methods and Techniques

IT Management and Consulting:
CS 740 Network and Systems Security
CS 801 Information Technology Management and Policy

Completing an IT-related internship is also highly recommended, particularly for students with little prior work experience:
CS  881: Masters of Information Technology three-credit internship
CS 590: One-credit IT internship that does not count toward degree requirements. It is intended to provide additional work experience and is a popular option with international students

Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

It is possible to complete a Certificate in Business Analytics (BA)  within the ten-course structure of the Masters of Information Technology degree. For those without a statistics background, an additional prerequisite graduate course – GR 521 Managerial Statistics – is required. The certificate courses can be incorporated into the Masters of Information Technology curriculum as follows:

  • The two required BA courses (ST 625 and ST 635) fulfill the two unrestricted Masters of Information Technology electives.
  •  CS 605, CS 650, or CS 753 fulfills the required application course in the certificate.
  • Instead of the Information Systems & Technology elective, students must take a course that fulfills the certificate’s methodology course requirement.

Students choosing to complete this certificate will have one remaining CS elective, which can be used for any of the previously described elective courses, including the three-credit internship.

Please contact program director Wendy Lucas with any specific questions on your particular plan of study.