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Graduate Student Academic Services

Supporting Graduate Students in the Pursuit of Academic Achievement

The Graduate Student and Academic Services Department is now located in Jennison 336. The entrance to the Graduate Advising Services Office is the second door on the left when you enter the building from the main campus quad.

Graduate Student & Academic Services is responsible for supporting student learning through an intentionally structured co-curricular experiences. Programs and services are intentionally directed towards supporting academic progress and achievement while offering opportunities for growth as global citizens and student leaders. Following the belief that learning is a comprehensive, holistic, transformative activity that integrates academic engagement and personal development, strategic initiatives are directed towards sustaining the community values and expectations espoused in the Bentley Beliefs. Navigating the program requirements and policies is made easier by the assistance of a dedicated team of advisors. Learn more

New students will find systems and resources in place at Bentley that will help provide a smooth transition to their graduate learning experience. Learn more

Students in the Master’s Candidate Program may be able to earn both a bachelor’s and master's degree in five or more years depending on their personal and professional circumstances. Learn more

International students have a network of professional staff available to help them reach their academic and personal goals. Learn more

Graduate school alumni are welcome to meet with advisors to discuss furthering their education through advanced study options; and, continuing their Bentley community involvement. Learn more