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Conversation Partners Program

Conversation Partners Program

Who We Are:
Our mission is to prepare and train individuals to be confident to lead in a multicultural business environment. We achieve this through partnering international graduate students with domestic students, faculty, and staff. Through these partnerships, our program strives to:

  • Assist international students in developing key language skills
  • Broaden all partners’ cultural and diversity awareness
  • Build relationships across cultures
  • Provide members with confidence and the ability to easily and effectively communicate with anyone—valuable skills in both networking and in the workplace

What We Do:
We ask that partners meet a minimum of two times per month in person. Meetings can be wherever you and your partner decide; on or off campus. The program is extremely flexible!  As long as both you and your partner are satisfied with the arrangement, you can do whatever you’d like! In addition to individual partner meetings, we hold fun group cultural events to let partners experience and learn about both foreign and U.S. cultures.

How Joining Can Benefit You:
Becoming a conversation partner provides members of the Bentley community with an easy and enjoyable way to give back, while also boosting your resume! Our program provides:

  • Improved communication skills and experience in communicating through language barriers
  • Increased knowledge and awareness of other cultures and perspectives
  • An easy way to show employers your acceptance and knowledge of diversity

How to Join:
Complete an intake form and email it to International graduate students should complete the International Partner Intake Form, domestic students should complete the Domestic Student Partner Intake Form, and domestic faculty and staff should complete the Faculty and Staff Intake Form.

What Happens Next:
Once we receive your email, we will contact you with further information about the program and your partnership.  We have also provided a list of resources that you can refer to if needed.

Help Us Improve:
Send us your feedback using our anonymous Comments and Suggestions form.  We need your help to make our program better!

Check out some of our previous members’ comments about the Conversation Partners Program on our testimonials page.  

By participating in this community effort, we represent Bentley University and therefore adhere to the Bentley Beliefs and the Rights, Responsibilities, and Policies of the University. These can be found online on pages 1 and 2 of The Graduate Student Handbook. Please familiarize yourself with these policies and beliefs.

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