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Conversation Partners Testimonials

“As a staff member, being a part of this program gives me the opportunity to create deeper connections with students outside of my role. My conversation partner and I connected right from the beginning! I really enjoy spending time with her and there is no shortage in conversation. She is a wonderful person and I can already tell that we have created a friendship that will last even after she graduates. I look forward to getting to know Joey more and spending time with her over the summer while exploring fun activities!” – Van Lee, Associate Director of Graduate Student and Academic Services

“The purpose that I join this program is not only to improve my English speaking, but the more important point is to make a friend and learn from each other. I am so lucky to have Vanas my partner. She is really a nice and patient person. I feel like she is the one I can turn to whenever I need her. We share some common ground in culture but have different growing backgrounds, so we can have a lot to share with each other. I would hope our friendship last forever, even after my graduation from Bentley.” – Wei Yiran, MSMA student

Photo from left to right: Van Lee and Wei Yiran

“I am really appreciated for the opportunity to talk with Nina. We have a lot of fun together. We share our stories of family, plans of travel, and issues of career. Nina always can give me very useful recommendations and powerful encouragement. Also, we keep in close touch after meeting. We share photos and exchange presents. I really love the pretty necklace Nina prepared for me. In addition, Nina helps me to build my English vocabulary and improve my pronunciation. I enjoy conversations with her.” – Jing Wang, MSMA student

“It's a great honor to join in this conversation partner program. I and my partner Nina really enjoy a very good time during the year. We meet regularly once a week, each time we have a pleasant conversation. We share our life experience, discuss current issues and express our feelings… Nina also helps us solve lots of problems in our daily life. Sometimes, she is our teacher, teaching us how to write high quality papers, how to hunt a job, how to deal with relationships with professors and teammates, more often she is our close friend, sharing family photos, talking about traveling experience, discussing detail things in daily life, giving you encouragement when you get afraid and timid. I still remember how joyful we are when we talk about how to make thanksgiving turkey and how interesting it is when we share experience traveling in Porto Rico. In a word, it’s really my pleasure to join in this program; it helps me to learn this county’s culture and lifestyle faster especially when I first get to this new place. And I also appreciate it brings us our good friend Nina, I do enjoy every moment together with her. Hope she’ll become our lifetime friend and stay in touch even after we go back to China. Thanks for offer us the chance to have this conversation partner experience.” – Xiang Chen, MSMA student

“I have been meeting weekly for the past two semesters with Amy Chen and Jing Wang.  We've met for lunch during the Fall semester and for coffee and conversation this semester.  We've shared our family histories, vacation plans and career issues as well as English pronunciation.  They also tolerate my attempt at speaking Mandarin, which I studied 40 years ago. I look forward to meeting with Jing and Amy and we have a lot of laughs as well. For Christmas we exchanged presents and keep in touch by email when necessary. We have had a very enjoyable year and I appreciate the opportunity to work with both these young Chinese graduate students.” – Nina Schneider, Adjunct Lecturer in the English Department

Photo from left to right: Xiang Chen, Nina Schneider and Jing Wang

“I enjoy being a part of conversation partners program, because I made good friends, learnt the language and had a lot more fun. Iren Miteva is myconversation partner. She is a really nice person and a good friend. We went out shopping Halloween costume, party dress, and we joined a lot of activities together. As girls, we chit chat a lot, and became really good friends. Thanks to the conversation partners program, which brought a good friend to my life and made my life at Bentley more exciting and colorful!” – Jiangmei Cao, MSF student

Photo from left to right: Iren Miteva and Jiangmei Cao

“It is just so warm that there is a Conversation Partner Program at Bentley. As far as I am concerned, for international students who just jump into the American culture, the understanding and company from a native friend is very necessary and helpful. The CP program enables me to have a person to turn to when I have difficulties or confusions in my life here. What's more, people tend to live their lives more seriously and positively when they know that there are people caring about them. That is exactly how I feel. Each time, when I share something interesting or joyful with Susan, I get a chance to realize that how meaningful and colorful my life is here in the U.S. And each time, when I have bad news to say to her, I know that I will get back advice and support. In a word, what the Conversation Partner Program provides is much more than just the help on language.” – Rui Tian, MSMA student

Photo from left to right: Rui Tian, Joe and Susan Lalli

"Linda really helps me understanding American culture, getting involved in American society, and practicing English. She is a precious friend with whom I can share my feelings and my thoughts. I appreciate her time of hanging out with me!" – Lu Fan, MSF student

“Being a conversation partner has been a wonderful experience for me.  I value the friendship that has developed between Lu Fan and I.  We have shared many stories about American and Chinese culture.  I am sure that Lu Fan and I will be lifelong friends!” –Linda Bee, Program Administrator for Executive Education

Photo from left to right: Linda Bee and Lu Fan

"Getting to know Qinyi and learn about her life, culture, and beliefs has helped me to become a better listener and expand my own understanding of a world beyond Boston.  She has such a vibrant spirit and has taught me so much about persistence by watching her meet the challenges of taking on graduate study in another country and in another language.  She is remarkable." - George F. Thompson, Assistant Dean, McCallum Graduate School

Photo from left to right:  Qinyi Ren and George F. Thompson