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English Language and American Culture Institute (ELACI)

The English Language and American Culture Institute (ELACI) is a new initiative at Bentley University launched in summer 2014. Our goal is to provide intensive academic and professional acculturation programs for international students and other English language learners. Students in ELACI programs will improve their oral and written communication skills in order to successfully integrate into the Bentley community while helping international students to meet their academic, career and language goals.

Programs and Services

The Cultural Transition Program (CTP): The Cultural Transition Program is a 3-week intensive academic and acculturation program held prior to the start of the academic year for international graduate students. The goal of the CTP is to support international students as they navigate the challenging coursework in the graduate school of business. 

Students in the program will develop their oral communication, critical thinking, and business writing skills through case study analysis, introduction to business concepts, and evaluation of current issues in business. Students will also gain valuable insight into the US graduate university system including classroom expectations, US cultural norms, and how to work successfully on intercultural teams.

Program Benefits

Upon successful completion of the Cultural Transition Program (CTP) will:

  • Build their confidence, and cross-cultural awareness both for professional and personal interactions
  • Improve oral and written English language skills through specially designed courses
  • Learn American-style business practices and US cultural expectations

For more information about the Cultural Transition program download: Cultural Transition Program Flyer.

Language Assessment 

Newly admitted international graduate students will be required to participate in an assessment of their English language skills. The English language assessment is designed to help international students better understand their own linguistic strengths and weaknesses. The language assessment will take place during graduate student orientation and will consist of two parts: an oral interview and a written diagnostic. 

This English language assessment is required of all newly admitted international graduate students whose native language is not English and is from a country other than the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Note: Students in the BentleyMBA program are exempt from taking the English language assessment.

Based on the results of the assessment, some students may be required to take further English language support courses. For more information about any programs or services offered by the ELACI, please contact Chrishon Blackwell at