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Bentley University Programs for International Students

International students make up a very important part of the diverse fabric of the Bentley Graduate School of Business. The transition to graduate study in another country presents unique challenges and opportunities for learning. At Bentley, there is a network of professional staff available to assist in the adjustment to a new academic and personal environment.

There are four types of programs/services available for international graduate students at Bentley University: orientation programs, transitional courses, academic & professional development workshops, and language support services.

Orientation Programs are designed to help students manage expectations while in an American graduate business school. Students attend workshops, seminars and take an English Language Assessment, prior to the start of their first academic semester.

International Student Jumpstart:  International Student Jumpstart is a pre-orientation program designed specifically for newly admitted international graduate students. Topics include: visa rules & regulations, cultural adjustment, academic expectations, and other topics related to life at Bentley University.  Find out more information here: English Language and American Culture Institute.

English Language Assessment: Newly admitted international graduate students will be required to participate in an assessment of their English language skills. The English language assessment is designed to help international students better understand their own linguistic strengths and weaknesses. It will consist of two parts: an oral interview and a written diagnostic. Based on the results of the English Language Assessment, students may be required to take additional academic support courses during the fall semester. Find out more information here: English Language and American Culture Institute.

Center for International Students and Scholars (CISS): The Center for International Students and Scholars (CISS) team helps international students obtain the proper paperwork needed to study, conduct research and work in the United States. Their office can assist with visa advising, immigration documents and offers cultural adjustment and intercultural programs. Find out more information here: Center for International Students and Scholars.

Transitional Courses – are acculturation courses that combine English language support with academic content. These programs offered each summer. (*fee based)

Academic Edge Program*: is a series of online flexible assignments targeted specifically to help our international grads practice their English skills during the spring and summer months. Academic Edge is neither a class nor an intensive session, but is a great starting point for English practice. Visit their page here: Academic Edge Program

Cultural Transition Program*:  a 3-week intensive academic and acculturation program held prior to the start of the fall academic term. It is intended to prepare incoming international graduate students for the challenging coursework at the Graduate School of Business. Students in the program will develop their oral communication, critical thinking and business writing skills through case study analysis, introduction to business concepts, and evaluation of current issues in business. Find out more information here: English Language and American Culture Institute.

Academic and Professional Development Workshops – The core curriculum in these workshops is structured to provide practical information through hands-on activities that are designed to build students awareness of American academic and professional expectations and behaviors.

AC 730 Supplemental Support Coursework: AC 730 Supplemental Support Coursework has been designed to help newly admitted international graduates navigate the experiential learning components of the AC 730 course. This is a required workshop for international students enrolled in AC 730 who are new to the U.S. Find out more information here: English Language and American Culture Institute.

Success Factor Series Courses*: Oral Communications for International Students is designed to build and reinforce the oral communication skills of international graduate students. This course will focus on strategies for improving all aspects of oral communication in a business setting, including but not limited to effective classroom interactions, critical thinking, impromptu speaking, and presentation skills. Business Writing for International Students has been designed to prepare international graduate students for the kinds of writing they will encounter in the graduate school of business at Bentley University. Students are selected for SFS courses based on the results of the English Language Assessment. Find out more information here: English Language and American Culture Institute.

Communication for Career Development Workshops (CCD)*: Communications for Career Development workshops are a prerequisite for international graduate students who need to advance their professional communication skills prior to taking the Graduate Career Development Introductory Seminars (GCDI).   Students will focus their attention developing and articulating their personal SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). This workshop is designed to build a baseline of cultural competence so that students can best utilize Graduate Career Services. Students are selected for this six week workshop series based on the results of the English Language Assessment. Find out more information here: English Language and American Culture Institute.

Language Support Services – one-on-one services offered to students throughout the year.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Center/Graduate Tutorials: provides English language support in writing, reading and speaking in courses across the curriculum. Available to both graduate and undergraduate students. Students work on oral and written assignments that tailored specifically to their needs. Students can also improve pronunciation and work on accent reduction through tutorials combined with utilizing state of the art language technology in the CLIC lab. Find out more information here: International Graduate Tutorials and Workshops

Conversation Partners: engage students in authentic interactions with native English speakers. Students will develop key language skills, broaden their cultural awareness and build relationships across cultures. Conversation partners meet at minimum twice per month in person. Find out more information here: Conversation Partners Program.