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Master's Candidate Internship Requirement

A Master's Candidate who wants to pursue the Masters in Information Technology program is required to complete at least one internship or job (The internship can be either a for-credit or a not-for-credit position.) The internship or job must be completed before officially applying to the Graduate School in the last semester of senior year. Please see below for the general guidelines of the internship requirement.

Description of Internship or Job

A position with a company (private or public sector) in which the Master’s Candidate student can explore career opportunities within an industry while applying academic knowledge to project-oriented activities and practical application of their technical skills. The student should have the opportunity to learn about “best business practices” that relate to the company and industry. The position should require the student to make active use of their written and verbal communication skills and increase their understanding of team dynamics and leadership.

  • The transitioning student needs to have worked full time in the internship or job for a minimum of three months. Part-time positions will also be considered; however, the student must have held the part-time job for a minimum of four months.
  • The student should be prepared to demonstrate in an essay how the internship or job is related to achieving their short or long-term career goals.
  • The student may be required to provide a description of their job responsibilities.
  • The student will be asked to submit a recommendation from their former supervisor. The recommender will be asked to describe the student’s responsibilities and to assess the student’s overall contribution to the department and leadership potential.
  • The Undergraduate Career Services Office is available to support students in defining their career goals and identify internship or job opportunities.
  • International students enrolled in the Five-Year Master’s Candidate Program should meet with a representative of the Office of International Services for verification of their ability to engage in off-campus professional activities.

Master’s Candidate students who have questions whether their proposed job opportunity (or a previous one) will satisfy the internship requirement should contact the Graduate Student and Academic Services Office at