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Program Options & Planning

Program Options

Students enrolled in the Masters Candidate Program have the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree and pursue one of the following graduate programs:

Note: Special permission is required for Masters Candidate students to apply to the Masters in Human Factors in Information Design (MSHFID). If you are interested in pursuing the MSHFID, please discuss the possibility with the MSHFID Program Director prior to enrolling into the Masters Candidate Program.


Program Foundation Course Requirements for Bentley undergraduates

Beginning with the May 2014 class, GR 521-525 are required, unless waived. To be waived, the student must  have a 3.0 or higher in a set of AC, FI, MK, ST, and EC courses, taken within the last five years at the Bentley undergraduate level. Graduate Admissions reviews all applications for appropriate waivers.

Students applying to the Masters in Accounting with a 2.7 or higher in AC 310, AC 311, AC 312, AC 340, AC 350, and AC 470 will receive substitutions into upper level courses in these topical areas.

Effective for fall 2013: Applicants will only be waived from pre-program courses if they have an equivalent undergraduate course completed within the last five years with a grade of B or 3.0 (out a 4.0 scale) or better from an AACSB- or EQUIS-accredited institution. No AP courses will be considered for waivers. Pre-program waivers will be assessed based on the materials presented at the time the application is submitted. Consideration for additional waivers will be given only once the student is at Bentley. Students should visit the Graduate Admission Office in LaCava 295 and complete a Waiver Petition Form, including any additional supporting documentation needed to re-evaluate waivers. This petition must be completed before the end of the add/drop period.

Other Resources

In addition to meeting with an advisor, students are highly encouraged to take advantage of all the resources available to help prepare for graduate school. From the Office of Academic Services, to Career Services, to faculty members, there are many resources available as you are thinking about what your professional goals are. Please see Resources for useful links to help you in your planning process.

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