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Career Outcomes

The Career Services office at Bentley earns high marks from employers and graduates alike.

It offers a variety of tools for career planning, networking, and job placement. But you won’t use these resources in traditional ways.

That’s because career development is built into the Bentley MBA (Full-Time, One-Year) program. Leadership is a particular focus of the program, as students identify and build on their personal style and potential as leaders. The emphasis is a departure from most graduate management programs.

Moreover, the Bentley MBA develops a framework for addressing the complex issues facing today’s global managers. The skills and understanding you will gain are precisely those in demand by organizations of all kinds, from Boston to Beijing to Bangalore. The four themes around which the Bentley MBA was designed reflect the needs that business leaders identify as critically important for success in the rapidly evolving global economy.

Teamwork and networking are integral to the program as well. Fellow students have similarly high levels of accomplishment, in different areas that will expand your own thinking. Your professors will be both mentors and colleagues with whom to share your career aspirations and discoveries. Additional insights will come from special guest speakers and host organization representatives. As a whole, the experience will engage and challenge you in ways you might never have imagined.