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Professional MBA (Part-Time) Online Learning

The Part-Time Professional MBA (PMBA) program gives students the opportunity to balance their studies with the pursuit of a professional career.

Bentley has found an effective online “hybrid” model that lets students with difficult schedules take part in class from a remote location — without compromising learning results. The hybrid classroom program provides in-person learning augmented by online services, allowing students to fully participate in class, no matter where they happen to be during the time block that week. These online options enable PMBA students to earn a master's degree from their home or office, providing them with a remarkable degree of flexibility.

All foundation and required courses are available in an online format. Hybrid format courses are offered in the evening at the same time as on-campus courses. The PMBA Leadership, Financial Planning and Tax concentration can be taken 100 percent in a hybrid format.

Hybrid classrooms are outfitted with video cameras, ceiling-mounted student microphones with digital processors, wireless microphones for professors and smartboards to deliver a highly effective interactive online experience to online participants. This option gives graduate students with jobs, families, or traveling responsibilities the ability to work education into their schedules. Students who choose to attend online have the same opportunities to ask questions and engage with classmates as those who attend class in person. 

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