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Masters of Accounting

Technology does the number-crunching. Accountants provide the wide-ranging analysis, insight and expertise that makes those numbers useful.



Founded as a school of accounting and finance, Bentley continues to educate technically proficient accountants. Equally important, our graduates develop the critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills required in a global business environment.

For more than three decades, Bentley’s Masters of Accounting program has prepared students to become the well-informed, nimble business leaders of tomorrow. You will benefit from: 

  • A real-world grounding in best accounting practices, complemented by cutting-edge research to stay ahead of the business curve
  • Flexible scheduling and online courses to balance your Masters of Accounting curriculum with other commitments in your life
  • A program that automatically fulfills the fifth-year academic requirement to become licensed as a CPA in many states, including Massachusetts, regardless of academic background
  • Direct insight from business partners, through classroom visits and networking events
  • Access to industry-leading tools in the Howard A. Winer Accounting Center for Electronic Learning and Business Measurement (ACELAB)
  • Longstanding recruiting and placement relationships with Big Four CPA firms; regional and national CPA firms; state, local and federal government agencies; and leading corporations around the world
  • A strong alumni network that offers a built-in advantage in the job market
  • A chance to earn a graduate certificate in related areas such as fraud and forensic accounting, taxation, financial planning, and business ethics
  • Opportunities for international travel to learn about off-shore business practices and related topics


For more information about the Masters of Accounting application or financial aid processes, contact Can Ahtam at 781.891.2378 or at

For more information about the masters of Masters of Accounting curriculum or career prospects, contact Program Director Donna McConville at 781.891.2433 or at