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Masters in Business Analytics Student Profile

The Masters of Business Analytics program welcomes applicants who wish to develop and use analytics expertise in many business fields, as well as in public policy (such as healthcare) and social science disciplines (such as economics). In general, it takes full-time students 1.5 to two years to complete. Full-time students can change their status to part time, and vice versa, except international students with an F1 visa. For information about international student regulations, visit the Center for International Student & Scholars.

Potential students may be entry-level candidates who have recently completed a four-year undergraduate degree with some quantitative analysis background or computer science experience and who wish to delve more deeply in their field of study by learning advanced analytical techniques and the creative mindset necessary to apply these techniques in complex situations. Other candidates may have been in the workforce for several years following completion of an undergraduate degree and wish to enhance their professional success by applying advanced analytics techniques and a creative mindset to complex problems typical in their work environment.

With a solid quantitative curriculum, our program is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) designated program. Therefore, international students will have more flexibility in this program. For more information about international student STEM benefits and the STEM-designated programs, visit the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.