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Today's students require a flexible learning experience. Strictly online courses sometimes struggle, but hybrid models, or "extended classrooms," outfitted with video cameras, ceiling-mounted student microphones with digital processors and smartboards show impressive results.

Want to make it to the CFO office? An MBA degree can help you get there.

Looking for a job in finance? This list of careers in the financial industry can help.

Looking to get funding for your next "big idea?" Here are some creative ways, including crowdfunding, angel investing, access to venture capital, according to Bentley professors and local start-up successes.

To succeed in the modern global marketplace, you have to be willing to leave your backyard. Bentley University’s Global Business Experience (GBE) program gives MBA and MS candidates the opportunity to study abroad as a grad student in an immersive foreign learning experience.

Considering a graduate school in Boston? Find out why so many graduate students find Boston the best place to get their masters.

The MBA was once known as a “one size fits all” graduate degree for mid-career professionals with dreams of the corner office.

Women earn $32,000 less in annual income compared to male counterparts despite having similar experience and ownership status.


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