UX Magazine Names Bentley's HFID Program Top Academic Program

UX Magazine has named Bentley University’s Human Factors in Information Design (HFID) program top academic program in its 2016 UX Magazine Awards.

In announcing the award, UX Magazine hailed Bentley for “preparing students with the right information, skills, soft skills, and experience to contribute valuably to experience-driven projects.”

The 2016 UX Magazine Awards also recognized excellence in products, teams and services, with the aim of bringing “valuable lessons from these leading examples of mastery in UX to the broader community.”

Bentley’s HFID program emphasizes the strategic role of UX in today’s global marketplace, focusing on communication skills and a mix of design, business and science. Opportunities to work with companies like Twitter and the Harvard Business Review give students priceless hands-on experience.

“I chose Bentley because it definitely is one of the best UX programs in the nation, and the director of the program really cares about the well-being and success of the student,” says Latoya Hall HFID ’16, who now works as a product designer at Rocket Lawyer in the San Francisco Bay area. “Bentley also has a very hands-on, client-based curriculum, making it very easy to build your first portfolio even if you’re coming from a non-design background.”

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