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Master's in Marketing Analytics Program Overview

As the practice of marketing shifts from a product-focused to a customer-centric approach, marketing professionals need a deeper-than-ever understanding of customer preferences and needs.



The Master of Science in Marketing Analytics program teaches students how to become more engaged with consumers, how to design and deliver robust statistical analysis, and how to effectively communicate the resulting insights.

Developed in consultation with a variety of marketing firms, the master's in marketing analytics program produces professionals who are comfortable with numbers and able to make marketing decisions based on quantitative analysis. Students gain a firm grounding in the essentials of strategic marketing, while developing the analytical tools needed to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving, information-driven business environment. Ongoing collaboration among faculty and industry practitioners ensures a curriculum that introduces students to the field’s most compelling issues and trends.

Bentley’s Master's in Marketing Analytics program enables students to:

  • Make informed marketing decisions based on relevant data, and to demonstrate the financial impact of those decisions
  • Analyze large amounts of information to develop customer profiles, determine target markets, and segment the customer base, among other valuable tasks
  • Gain hands-on exposure to advanced tools in the Center for Marketing Technology, which can transform raw data into useful information that improves decision-making
  • Study on a flexible schedule with options to take courses online
  • Learn from business partners who visit class and establish a base for future networking
  • Benefit from longstanding recruiting and placement relationships that Bentley has with regional, national, and global marketing firms
  • Tap into a strong alumni network that aid in your job search and ongoing career development
  • Pursue a certificate option, which provides key marketing and information technology skills

Interested in learning more about the Master's in Marketing Analytics program?

Our Admissions Staff would be happy to speak with you about your plans for pursuing a graduate degree. For admissions related questions, please contact Kaitlin Hurley. For curriculum related questions, please contact Program Director, Paul Berger.