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Professional MBA: Information Systems and Technology Concentration

The IST concentration is intended to give MBA students access to the full array of learning provided by the graduate coursework offered by the Computer Information Systems, Information Design and Corporate Communication, and Information and Process Management departments.  The concentration is achieved by completing any four graduate courses bearing CS, IDCC, or IPM designators - constrained only by the prerequisites of individual choices.  MBA students are encouraged to explore the full range of IST offerings and fashion a four course composition that enriches and aligns with their individual aspirations for an MBA.  Your IST concentration might be designed to provide a broad overview of information, communication, systems, and technology courses.  Alternatively, you can focus your courses in one discipline (CS, IDCC, or IPM).  Or you may choose a more career-focused selection of courses to provide a gateway into managing IT in a particular organizational role.  Examples of such career-focused selections are: IT Consulting, Information and Data Management, Managing IT in the Organization, and Design of Information Systems.

CS Course Adviser:   Wendy Lucas,, 781-891-2554

IDCC Course Adviser:   Mary Marcel,, 781-891-2054

IPM Course Adviser:  Alina Chircu,, 781-891-3492


Complete any four of the following courses:

CS603 Object-Oriented Application Development

CS605 Data Management and Modeling

CS607 Technology Infrastructure of Information Systems

CS610 Enterprise Architecture

CS612 Web-Based Application Development

CS620    Global IT Project Management

CS630 Object-Oriented Analysis & Design

CS640    Data Communications 

CS650    Data Management Architectures

CS680 Mobile Application Developement

CS701 Internship in IT

CS753    Business Intelligence Methods and Technologies

CS795    Special Topics Seminar

CS801    IT Management Policy

GBE790 Global Business Experience*

IDCC620 Managerial Communication

IDCC711 Argumentation Strategies for Business

IPM652 Information Management (Former CS 652)

IPM700 Directed Study in Information and Process Management

IPM701 Internship in Information and Process Management

IPM723 Information Security, Control and Ethics

IPM740 Enterprise Systems Planning and Configuration

IPM755 Special Topics in Information and Process Management

*Requires approval from one of the Concentration Course Advisers.  If approved, the course paper must be relevant to the concentration area.

Students may wish to focus their study using required concentration and elective courses in a planned way.   Faculty members from multiple departments have strategically grouped elective and required courses together in an advising guide entitled “Optional MBA Focus Strategy.”  Students are encouraged to review the advising guide, but must remember that a focus area is optional and does not remove or alter any part of the required curriculum.  CS, IPM, and IDCC have proposed the following areas of focus for consideration:  Design of Information Systems, IT Consulting, Information and Data Management, Managing IT in the Organization, and Managing IT Systems.