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Professional MBA: Law and Taxation Concentration

The Law and Taxation Concentration in the MBA requires the student to take the basic Federal Taxation course (TX 601) for a grounding in tax law to complement the introduction to business law that they will aready have had in the required core course, GR 645 Law, Ethics, and Social Responsibility.  The student will then select 3 other courses from the graduate offerings in Law and Taxation to complement his/her interest and area of study.  The student could focus in one of the two areas (Law or Taxation) emphasizing depth in one subject, or could elect a broader exposure to the subjects by chooosing the remaining three courses from both course designators (TX, LA).

Jack Lynch

Complete one required course and any three electives of your choice.

Required (1):

TX601 Federal Taxation of Income

Electives (3):

ETH700 Ethical Issues in Corporate life

FP600  Professional Financial Plan Practice

FP601  Investments & Capital Accumulation

FP610  Benefits, Compensation & Retirement 

FP620  Trusts, Gifts & Estates

FP700  Investment Vehicles

FP701  Portfolio Management

FP703  Marriage, Separation & Divorce

FP704  Financial Planning for Non-Traditional Families

FP705  Elder Planning Techniques

FP706 Psychology in Financial Planning


FP710 Insurance & Wealth Preservation

GBE790 Global Business Experience*

LA 701 Business Law

LA 720 Current Topics in Law and Ethics in the Workplace

LA 715 International Business Law

LA 730 Real Estate Law

TX600 Professional Tax Practice

TX602 Transactions

TX603 Corporations and Shareholders

TX604 Multi-Jurisdictional Taxation

TX704 Federal Taxation of Income from Trusts & Estates

TX707 Pass-Through Entities & Closely-Held Bus

TX711 Mergers & Acquisitions

TX731 Investment Companies

TX732 Intellectual Properties

TX733 Tax Aspects of Buying and Selling a Business

TX741 Tax Accounting Problems

TX761 State & Local Tax Practice

TX771 International Tax Practice

*Requires approval from the Concentration Adviser.  If approved, the course paper must be relevant to the concentration area.


Students may wish to focus their study using required concentration and elective courses in a planned way.   Faculty members from multiple departments have strategically grouped elective and required courses together in an advising guide entitled “Optional MBA Focus Strategy.”  Students are encouraged to review the advising guide, but must remember that a focus area is optional and does not remove or alter any part of the required curriculum.  The Law and Tax Department has proposed the following areas of focus for consideration:  Financial Planning, Law, and Taxation.