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Professional MBA: Marketing Concentration

The Marketing concentration provides a solid grasp of marketing knowledge and skills, emphasizing the importance of satisfying customer needs, to meet organizational goals. Students learn how factors such as price, promotion and distribution affect a product’s image and success among the target market. Hands-on experience teaches students to collect relevant data, and turn the information into strategies that promote long-term relationships with customers.

Paul Berger


Complete two required courses and two electives.

Required (2):

MK612 Strategic Marketing

MK726  Customer Data Analysis & Relationship Marketing

Electives (2):

GBE790 Global Business Experience*

MK701 Internship in Marketing

MK711 Marketing Research & Analysis

MK712 Consumer & Buyer Behavior

MK713 Marketing Promotion and Communication

MK714 Marketing Channels & Logistics

MK715 New Products: Plan, Development, & Marketing

MK716 International Marketing

MK718 Marketing of Services

MK725 eMarketing

MK755 Special Topics in Marketing

MK755A Marketing Plan Design and Development

MK758  Enhancing Creativity


*Requires approval from the Concentration Adviser.  If approved, the course paper must be relevant to the concentration area.