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Sarbanes-Oxley added numerous outside inspections on company audit controls. Contrary to corporate complaints, a new study verifies the need.
The Accounting Review | Full Article
During the financial crisis of 2007-2009, the banking industry suffered a huge decline in liquidity on their own balance sheets, decreasing the amount of money they could lend. Did banks’ efforts to absorb the liquidity shock spike a decline in overall credit supply?

Marcia Millon Cornett, Jamie John McNutt, Philip E. Strahan, and Hassan Tehranian

Journal of Financial Economics | Full Article
Most published research in the IS field is quantitative, analyzing measurable, verifiable quantitative data and evidence. How can the alternative - qualitative research - be promoted for IS?

 Robert D. Galliers and Jimmy Huang

European Journal of Information Systems | Full Article
Gift cards – that one-size-fits-all present for any occasion – can be an excellent choice for both giver and receiver. But how do companies account for them when the card is never redeemed?
Issues in Accounting Education | Full Article
Boards of directors have two jobs: oversight and advising. But can too much oversight lead to worse advice?

Olubunmi Faleye, Rani Hoitash, and Udi Hoitash

Journal of Financial Economics | Full Article
Recommendations for how and when tablet computers can add value to organizations.

Pierre Berthon, Leyland Pitt and Karen Robson

MIS Quarterly Executive | Full Article
Networks – those all-important relationships developed in business settings – have long been a subject of study. But recently, interest has developed in the different ways men and women set about networking.

Michael Page and Dianne Bevelander

Academy of Management Learning and Education | Full Article
Business ethicists are quick to comment on sensational cases of compensation involving very high pay for CEOs and very low pay for workers in overseas factories and sweatshops. But why do they rarely discuss the ethics of compensation in general, including for “ordinary” workers?
Business Ethics: A European Review | Full Article
Corporate capitalism has been debased by “misguided faith. Until it is redeemed by a “strong” or “good faith,” it will continue to be riddled by impropriety and scandal.
Journal of Management, Spirituality & Religion (accepted)
A growing proportion of all B-to-B transactions are facilitated by interorganizational coordination hubs (ICHs). How well do the participants in these hubs make key decisions about the way they work with each other through the hub - and interact with the organization that runs the hub?
Journal of Management Information Systems | Full Article
In the face of time constraints imposed by managed care, the best physicians recognize the merit of listening carefully to their patients.
International Journal of Listening | Full Article
How do an individual’s perceptions of genetic testing - and concerns about diseases - impact decisions to undergo multiplex genetic testing?

Samuel Woolford, Barbara Biesecker, Sharon Hensley Alford, Theresa  Marteau, J. Scott Roberts, Shoshana Shiloh, and Christopher Wade

Psychology and Health | Full Article