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The Future of Higher Ed

How Professional Schools Add Value

What’s the benefit of a specialized university?

For a young person drawn toward a particular field of study, such as engineering, or music, or business, a specialized university offers more advantages than you might think.

Once dismissed as vocational, top professional schools nowadays operate on the premise that the best career preparation includes a deep embrace of the liberal arts.

In defense of millennials

Recently there’s been a trend to stereotype millennials as ungracious, narcissistic, social media–obsessed, lazy, self-entitled “trophy children” who are handed everything in life.

As a Bentley University senior and proud millennial, I find these insults degrading and unwarranted. Comparing the values of one generation against another is flawed and rife with inaccuracies.

Let this be a guide to respond to anyone who dismisses our generation.

Job Market Analysis

Corporate demand for data analysts has academic institutions jostling to educate them. How do we give graduates what it takes to do the job?

Why Liberal Arts In Business Education?

What should be the role of the liberal arts in business education? As we witness huge increases in the cost of formal education, every student has a right to ask what the best use of their time and investment in higher education should be. As educators, we owe it to them to justify the mix of professional training and personal enrichment we offer them.

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