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Bentley Investment Group surpasses performance benchmark, implements program initiatives

August 26, 2008

The student-run Bentley Investment Group (BIG) - responsible for managing nearly $600,000 of endowment funds - had an outstanding performance year in a very difficult and challenging market environment, according to the group's president Eric Wald. The equity portfolio is managed solely by students, under the advisement of faculty adviser Kartik Raman. There are more than 100 active members.
The investment group also implemented significant program initiatives during the past academic year that make the program unique, including an Analyst Program targeted to mirror large investment organizations by having a portfolio of managers responsible for different investment sectors, such as healthcare, technology, and consumer. Each sector has a team leader, an assistant team leader and five analysts, with the opportunity for students to progress through the system.
"We decided to implement this system to help keep the talent of the organization growing, and also to give students a better idea of how things really work in the investment world," says Wald, noting that John Hancock contacted BIG in spring 2008 to explore recruitment opportunities.
Additional initiatives to help provide real-world experience include a research report; quarterly letter to the Board of Trustees; and an investment policy statement (common in industry to provide guidelines of fund). BIG's executive board is also invited each year to make a presentation to the Investment Committee of Bentley's Board of Trustees regarding performance, strategy and outlook.

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