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Bentley Police Sergeant and Officer Win Accolades for Life Saving Efforts

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July 9, 2013

Bentley Police Sgt. Carlos Echevarria and Officer Keith Holland are among 40 police officers from around the state being recognized for their success at saving lives during the past year. The Municipal Police Training Committee presented Life Saver Awards at a June ceremony at Bentley.

“The officers’ efforts most certainly resulted in saving a young woman’s life,” says Lt. Bill Williams, CPR and first responder instructor trainer. “Their first responder training clearly prepared them to do what needed to be done.”

According to Lt. Williams, their ability to quickly assess vital signs allowed for definitive treatment (CPR) to be started, resulting in the pulse and breathing returning. The woman was ultimately transported to a hospital where she received further treatment and made a full recovery.

Pictured (left to right): Lt Bill Williams, Officer Keith Holland and Sgt. Carlos Echevarria.

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