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Cape, Castle and Stratton Residence Halls at Bentley Win the 2010 Blackout Challenge to Reduce Electricity Use; Efforts Raise Funds for Haiti Relief

March 17, 2010

Bentley students rallied for the 2010 Blackout Challenge to reduce electricity usage in residence halls during four weeks in February - saving enough electricity to power 5.3 homes for one year. The top three residence halls - Cape, Castle and Stratton - each produced a 9.4 percent change in electricity use.

Organized by the Bentley Green Society, the Blackout Challenge is an annual campus-wide competition where students living in Bentley's residence halls compete to see who can reduce electrical consumption the most over a four-week period. The year's efforts helped raise a considerable amount of money for Haiti relief, which will be donated to an organization or charity by an outside donor.  The donation is based on the amount of kilowatt hours saved by all residence halls during the Blackout Challenge, which totaled 56,670 KWHs. The initiative complements Bentley's general commitment to Haiti relief.

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