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Global Studies Professor Asbed Kotchikian Teams Up with Armenian Relief Society to launch Newly Redesigned Youth Connect Program, February 6 in New York City

January 7, 2010

Bentley Global Studies professor Asbed Kotchikian joins the Armenian Relief Society to launch the newly revamped Youth Connect Program (YCP) on Saturday, February 6, at New York University's Kimmel Center for Student Life in New York City. Kotchikian, who serves as YCP director, helped redesign the program, which offers young Armenian students at colleges in the US an opportunity to participate in workshops on the challenges that students face today, and to hear about internship opportunities in U.S. cities including Washington, D.C., and New York, and abroad in Armenia.

Program changes have been incremental during the last three years, Kotchikian notes, evolving from a one-week event into a "mobile program" -- making its debut in New York City with the goal of holding intensive workshops and lectures at various metropolitan areas in the Eastern United States.

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