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Multicultural Assistant Director Adam Payne Speaks at the MIDEM Music Conference in Cannes, France, January 25

February 23, 2010

Adam Payne, assistant director of the Multicultural Center and ALANA Experience coordinator, was invited to speak at the MIDEM Music Conference in Cannes, France, on January 25. An accomplished musician, Payne spoke on a panel about how brands are partnering with independent musicians and achieving success through viral marketing and other means. In particular, he discussed his experience with the GAP 40th anniversary Born to Play event -- the nation's largest simultaneous acoustic concert, broadcast at more than 700 Gap Stores Across the North America.

"Independent artists have a strong sense of authenticity with fans, which sets us apart from many major-label artists who have people that handle all communication with fans," says Payne, who experienced increased sales on iTunes as a result of his participation. His eclectic music is described as a fusion of funk, R&B, folk, and acoustic.

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