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Professor Jane Tchaicha invited to speak at international conference in Morocco

August 13, 2007

Jane Tchaicha, chair and associate professor in the Department of Modern Languages, was invited to speak at the International Conference on Mediterranean Women and the Challenges of Human Development at the Palais des Congrès, in Fez, Morocco, from June 28-30. Her presentation on "Re-thinking Globalization at the Local Level:  Six Case Studies in Morocco and Tunisia" asks organizations, governments, and funding agencies to reconsider the concept of "globalization" and the application of technology in developing countries such as Morocco and Tunisia, in such a way that women at the very local level -- rural areas and poorer districts of larger towns of cities -- can participate fully in the political, social and economic development of their country.

"One way to empower these women is to allow for innovative approaches to integrating different types of technology that will meet the needs of the "local women"," says Tchaicha.

The "call to action" that underpins the theme of paper, she adds, relies on important findings from six case studies conducted in Morocco and Tunisia between 2003 and 2005 that illustrate how women-focused NGOs combined the "power" of various technologies to give voice to the large communities of disenfranchised women whose voices have often been lost in the frenzy of expanding the larger-scale, business-oriented economic sector.

Tchaicha's research interests focus on women and Islam, and technology and the developing world. Her work has appeared in publication such as the International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society and The Journal of North African Studies. She also produced "Behind the Wall: A Photo-Documentary of the Public and Private Lives of Moroccan and Tunisian Women."

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