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Research by Elise Perrault Crawford to Appear in Academy of Management’s Best Paper Conference Proceedings

October 17, 2011

Research by PhD candidate Elise Perrault Crawford was accepted for the Best Paper Proceedings of the 2011 Academy of Management Meeting. Her paper, "Stakeholder Salience Revisited: Enlightening, Balancing and Transcending," provides a model that explains how firms interact with their stakeholders, in particular investigating “who and what matters to a manager.” She aims to develop a comprehensive model of stakeholder salience.

“While firms maintain relationships with stakeholder groups, the issue and the requested action that stakeholders want the firm to fulfill also impact who gets managerial attention and, by extension, the firm's resources,” she explains. “Finally, the tactic by which they affect their request is also tantamount to the attention that a stakeholder will receive from the firm.”


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