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Student-Run Graphic Design Studio Serves Nonprofits

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Student-Run Graphic Design Studio Serves Nonprofits

A service-learning faculty award to Michael Goldberg (Information Design and Corporate Communication major) will establish a full-service graphic design business to serve nonprofit organizations, as a fourth-credit practicum for qualified students in his courses. In the Bentley Student Studio, students will write headlines and copy, and design and produce campaigns based on realistic budgets and marketing strategies for clients.

“The studio model represents precisely the kind of academic-professional-civic fusion I see as central to the future of higher education,” says Bentley Service-Learning Center Director Edward Zlotkowski.

In an agency-client model, students will provide graphic design services in areas such as print, video, web, logo design, brochures, brand identity, business cards, letterheads, corporate identity, advertising, and promotional campaigns, including all of the necessary collateral materials for non-profit organizations.

“The project is a win-win for clients and students,” says Goldberg, who will act as manager and art director. “Students will apply what they are learning to actual client projects that can be showcased in their portfolios and on their resumes, while contributing to the community. Clients can establish a long-term continued working relationship with the studio to ensure consistency and high quality work.”

Students also have the opportunity to explore various professional roles, such as designer, art director, copywriter and creative director and production artist.

  • The project process begins with the client attending the first class to meet with their designer and explain project details.
  • The student will create a project schedule that includes scope of work, project goals and deadlines.
  • The client will provide the priority list for all deliverables and all necessary project assets.

Various aspects of advertising, marketing and promotional design will be examined through the development of creative, original concepts. Attention to strategy, craft, presentations and deadlines will be stressed. The course will allow students to better understand how to work with clients, project and time management, contracts, and billing along with the business ethics of the design field.  It will also allow them to better understand the social issues dealt with by their nonprofit partners and to explore how they as professionals can contribute to the community through civic professionalism.


Hands-On Learning
March 31, 2017

The Yawkey Foundations have recognized Bentley University’s longstanding commitment to service-learning and awarded the university $500,000 to educate students to effectively lead nonprofit organizations and expand student efforts to help community groups.


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