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Susan Dobscha Delivers Keynote at Massachusetts Green Career Conference


Susan Dobscha Delivers Keynote at Massachusetts Green Career Conference


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Associate Professor of Marketing Susan Dobscha delivered a keynote at the 3rd Massachusetts Green Career Conference held this fall in Marlborough, Mass. More than 300 people attended, representing government, education and business sectors, along with several workforce development and career services professionals and job seekers transitioning into the green economy.  

Dobscha’s address focused on the pivotal role that marketing plays in the sustainability field, particularly the new green economy. She particularly showcased marketers as consumer advocates and facilitators of consumer-to-consumer consumption, and challenged marketers to rethink how they perform basic business functions such as logistics. In addition to marketing positions directly related to sustainability, she explored the growing trend of green careers that emerge from traditional sectors such as healthcare and education.

Her presentation about marketing and sustainable development complemented keynote presentations by Kevin Doyle, co-author of several green career guides and books about environmental careers, and Patrick Cloney, executive director of the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center.


by George Grattan August 9, 2016

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