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The Vitale, Caturano & Company Art Gallery at Bentley Opens Fall 2009 Season with Local Filmmaker and Artist Jonathan Sahula

September 15, 2009

Beginning September 8, the Vitale, Caturano & Company Art Gallery is featuring three large-scale photo collages of local filmmaker and artist Jonathan Sahula.

"In a way, these collages unfold in time, but the montage and pace are determined not by the artist, but rather the spectator," Sahula says in an artist's statement. "From a distance, the component parts are almost indistinguishable revealing only the whole, but as one approaches the canvas, the individual photographs break away from the overall composition calling for individual attention."

The exhibit is free and open to the public. Located in the library, the art gallery hosts six to eight exhibits a year, showing a wide variety approaches and styles, highlighting the work of emerging New England artists. 

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