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Contacts & Information

The News & Communications Office is the university’s principle news source for information about Bentley research, initiatives and events. We report news to our campus community and the general public, and work with media around the world to highlight the achievements of our students, faculty and staff.

Bentley is a private institution and our campus is only open to news media, commercial and other non-university film companies with prior permission granted by the university. News media seeking to film or record on campus may contact any member of our department listed here. All media must be accompanied by a staff member while on campus.

Special Projects

Representatives for commercial film projects (movies, non-news television programs, advertisements, etc.) should contact the Director of News & Communications at 781.891.2070.

The Bentley campus is open to student and faculty film projects as part of academic courses, as well as advertising and promotional projects arranged by university officials for university purposes. Any departments that may be affected by the presence of cameras and camera crews should be given adequate prior notice.

Bentley Branding

For information about the use of Bentley’s name, likeness and logo by those within the Bentley community, please contact the Director of Creative Services at 718.891.2072 or see Marketing and Communications. For external organizations seeking permission to use the Bentley University logo, please contact the Director of News & Communication at 781.891.2070.

Bentley Athletics

For information about Bentley Athletics, please contact Dick Lipe at 781.891.2334 or

General Information

For general information about Bentley, please call our office at 781.891.2002.

Meredith Mason

Coordinator, News & Communications

phone: 781.891.2755
fax: 781.891.2569

Helen Henrichs

Senior Associate Director, News & Communications

phone: 781.891.2277
fax: 781.891.2569

Joanna Howarth

Senior Associate Director, News & Communications

phone: 781.891.2725
fax: 781.891.2569

Michele Walsh

Director, News & Communications

phone: 781.891.2070
fax: 781.891.2569


For more helpful information on working with the media, Bentley faculty and staff can access our Media Relations Guide.

Faculty or staff who are planning a conference or event on campus, please refer to this Conference Check List for guidance.

If you have a campus speaking request for President Larson, please complete the Event Form a GCL Internal Speaking Event Form.docx and send to the News & Communications team at least 3 weeks in advance of the event.