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Bentley University Honors Adjunct Professor Jon Boroshok with Service-Learning Faculty Award


Bentley University Honors Adjunct Professor Jon Boroshok with Service-Learning Faculty Award

In May 2010 Adjunct Professor of Information Design in Corporate Communication (IDCC) Jon Boroshok was awarded the Bentley University Service-Learning Faculty Award for leading a series of community service projects within his Public Relations Writing course. Boroshok's students helped local Waltham-area nonprofits including Communities Without Borders, National Multiple Sclerosis Society's Waltham chapter, and Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP), develop public relations plans and implementation materials in order to better promote their organizations.

The course offered students an integrated learning experience as they were able to act as consultants to the nonprofit and later analyze what they had learned as a group back in the classroom. Based on outside research and in-class direction and support from Boroshok, students created marketing communications materials that supported a strategic direction for the nonprofits, guiding them on how to create awareness and gain media coverage, shape public opinion, recruit volunteers, and bring in donations.

Boroshok, a Groton, Mass. resident and Adjunct Professor, is also President of TechMarcom, a Westford, Mass. public relations firm. "My goal was to bring academia and the business world together for the students. The project lets them test drive what they've learned, with a guiding hand," said Boroshok. "Students gain invaluable hands-on experience and produce a portfolio of work, while the nonprofits receive assistance they could not otherwise afford. Everybody wins."

Boroshok is interested in identifying more Waltham-area nonprofits that may need similar assistance for the Fall 2010 semester. For more details, contact him at


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March 31, 2017

The Yawkey Foundations have recognized Bentley University’s longstanding commitment to service-learning and awarded the university $500,000 to educate students to effectively lead nonprofit organizations and expand student efforts to help community groups.