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Bentley University Hosts 7th International Summer Institute


Bentley University Hosts 7th International Summer Institute



For the seventh consecutive year, Bentley hosted the International Summer Institute at Bentley (ISIB), held July 11 to July 30. This year's program brought 41 advanced undergraduate and graduate business students from 12 different countries -- including Australia, Austria, China, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Malaysia, Moldova, Morocco, Russia and Ukraine -- for a three-week intensive study of key prevailing business trends.

The program particularly focused on globalization and the growing role of emerging markets; the increasing role of information technologies both as a competitive tool and an engine of globalization; the growing competition and strategic responses caused by deregulation, globalization and innovations; a renewed spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation fueled largely by globalization, information technology; and the growing dominance of service industries on the global stage.

ISIB students attended a series of seminars including:
•  Globalization and the Rise of Multinationals from the Emerging Economies 
•  Business Innovation through Advanced Information Technology
• The Economics of Globalization 
•  Global Marketing
•  World-Class Service

The program featured faculty experts from Computer Information Systems, Marketing, and Management departments at Bentley. It also included a number of cultural activities and excursions into Boston and New York City designed to familiarize the participants with American history and culture.

"As a global business university, we are pleased to create a truly multicultural environment where a talented group of young women and men have as much to learn from each other as from the program," says Professor Abdolreza Eshghi, founding director of ISIB.


Hands-On Learning
March 31, 2017

The Yawkey Foundations have recognized Bentley University’s longstanding commitment to service-learning and awarded the university $500,000 to educate students to effectively lead nonprofit organizations and expand student efforts to help community groups.