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New Ferrera Fellowship Allows Students to Pursue Non-Profit Internships

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New Ferrera Fellowship Allows Students to Pursue Non-Profit Internships

Taking social responsibility lessons beyond the classroom, Bentley University announces the first recipients of the Gerald R. Ferrera Service Fellowships for summer 2013 non-profit internships: sophomore Patricia Guiao (pictured left) will work at CarryON, a newly formed wholly-owned subsidiary of St. Francis House in Boston; and junior Hanna Wolsfelt (pictured right) will work and teach at Exploration Schools, Inc. at St. Mark’s School in Southborough, Mass.  

“We offered the fellowship to two extremely talented students who possess a strong skill set and intense interest in working for these select non-profit organizations,” says Colleen Murphy, associate director of University Career Services. “The experience will provide greater insight into the functional areas of a non-profit organization, and will help prepare them if they choose to pursue a career in the non-profit industry.”

Wolsfelt will work with faculty members of the Exploration Schools summer programs to design and teach two business courses — Real Monopoly and Ad Ventures. She will also serve as a resident assistant and as a day resident advisor. 

“I've been involved in community service for basically my whole life, mostly with kids,” says Wolsfelt, whose major is Management. “I love working with them because it is so rewarding; you can see the benefits day-to-day as you work with them through whatever it is they might need. The fellowship means that I get to continue to help society, and it will help me pursue my goal for a career in teaching.” 

Guiao is a Finance major and a Liberal Studies Major with a concentration in Earth, Environment & Global Sustainability. She will work with CarryON, a program in which guests of St. Francis House manufacture bags, totes and wallets to sell to retailers. She will help establish competitive pricing, create an efficient workplace environment, and manage finances for the growing program. She will also join the St. Francis House Business Advisory Group. 

“Since I was young, my parents encouraged me to make a difference. Witnessing the hope and fulfillment of people who receive support inspires me to serve,” says Guiao. “I want to play a role in ending the cycle of poverty, to allow others to experience the joy and opportunities that I sometimes take for granted. Seeing others obtain the chance to thrive encourages me to strive for improvements in society.”

The fellowship was established in honor of Gerald R. Ferrera, Adamian Professor of Law at Bentley and longtime advocate for careers dedicated to the greater good of society. It is designed to encourage student internships at non-profit organizations. The program provides a stipend for two fellows each year to pursue work at non-profit organizations, government agencies and NGOs in the United States and abroad.


Hands-On Learning
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