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Bentley Hosts Live Bloomberg Radio Broadcast from Trading Room


Bentley Hosts Live Bloomberg Radio Broadcast from Trading Room

On Friday, October 11, President Gloria Larson joined Bloomberg's "econo-queen" Kathleen Hays to guest host "The Hays Advantage" show live from the Trading Room on campus. Business leaders and faculty members shared their expertise on the theme of women and leadership.

Listen to State Street's Alison Quirk interview here.

Listen to Management and Psychology Professor Aaron Nurick's interview here.

Listen to Economics Professor Scott Sumner's interview here.

Listen to National Grid's Marcy Reed interview here.

Listen to Sea Change Financial's Bonnie Kirchner interview here.

Listen to Director of Center for Women and Business Betsy Myers' interview here.

Listen to  author Erica Fox's interview here.

Listen to Mercer's Laura Ramanis interview here.

Listen to Media and Culture Program Director's Liz LeDoux interview here.


by George Grattan August 9, 2016

Bentley University’s Co-Provost and Dean of Arts and Sciences Daniel Everett talked with us recently about a wide range of topics, including being featured in a new book by Tom Wolfe, two of his own upcoming books, the importance of studying the origins of language, and the value of a fusion approach to business education.


The Chronicle of Higher Education | August 25, 2016