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November 19, 2013
(Watertown Tab)

Assistant Professor of History Cliff Putney joins professors from local colleges to speculate on what could have resulted if the Kennedy presidency was not cut short. 

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November 18, 2013
(Miami Herald)

Thomas D'Eri '11 is highlighted for teaming up with his father to found Rising Tide Carwash, a socially conscious business that  provides a top-notch carwash experience for customers while turning a profit and successfully employs individuals with autism.

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November 15, 2013
(The Economist)

Economics Professor Scott Sumner authors a responsive piece on how monetary policy is tighter now than any period since the early 1930s, contrary to recent reports.

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November 15, 2013
(Bloomberg Radio)

Bill Gribbons, professor of Information Design and Corporate Communication and senior consultant to the User Experience Center, discusses the research and testing that could have prevented the crash of 

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November 14, 2013
(Bloomberg Radio)

Economics Professor David Gulley analyzes Janet Yellen's confirmation hearing and what the future holds for her with the Federal Reserve on Bloomberg Radio's "Taking Stock" show.

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November 14, 2013
(Boston Globe)

Bentley's men's hockey team is recognized as one of six local squads with Team IMPACT children on their roster. Team IMPACT is a nonprofit that connects hundreds of children suffering from debilitating or life-threatening illnesses with college athletes around the country. 

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November 14, 2013

Assistant Director of Graduate and Alumni Career Services Marilyn Santiesteban speaks on the importance of expanding your professional network as a sophomore in college. 

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November 14, 2013
(Waltham News Tribune)

Bentley is highlighted for hosting the annual Thanksgiving dinner for Waltham seniors on Tuesday, November, 26. Shuttle services will be departing from the Sacred Heart Church at noon.

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November 13, 2013

It may have been 8 a.m., but Diversity Trainer Maura Cullen captured the attention of more than 250 students from 26 universities at this year’s Diversity Student Summit hosted by Bentley University in October. The one-day, high-energy conference is designed to mobilize students and staff to be innovative in creating and sustaining more inclusive campus communities.

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November 13, 2013
(Accounting Web)

Curtis C. Verschoor, Research Scholar in the Center for Business Ethics, voices his concern on federal income tax incentives motivating questionable compensation decisions that benefit executives at the expense of taxpayers and share owners. 

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