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February 1, 2004

WALTHAM, Mass.- Mary Pratt of the Boston Business Journal recently featured Bentley's Winer Accounting Center for Electronic Learning and Business Measurement (ACELAB) and the work being done there to prepare students for the new CPA exam requirements. To read the entire article, click here.

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January 28, 2004

Immediately after he was introduced, keynote speaker Edward Dugger III had a confession to make. "Most of what you just heard is not true," he joked. "I made up a few things, given the high-profiled speakers you've had here in the past."

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January 21, 2004

Mass High Tech's Jim Malone profiles Bentley senior Scott Smigler, whose company Exclusive Concepts Inc., is grossing $300,000 a year, as Smigler maintains a 3.73 GPA as a finance major . To read the article go to:

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January 13, 2004

Christine Williams, professor of Government, has been hard at work on a recent study, "The e-Campaign for Presidential Election 2004," providing insight into who makes up presidential campaign grassroots supporters and what draws them to the Meetup phenomenon. She has focused on both Howard Dean and Wesley Clark's campaigns.

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December 15, 2003

WALTHAM, Mass. - ABC's "20/20" featured Bentley's Design and Usability Testing Center on December 5 in a report on toy assembly.

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December 9, 2003

Earl Avery vividly remembers the time he boarded an airplane and mistakenly thought one of the pilots - a woman - was a flight attendant.

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December 3, 2003

When the National Endowment for the Humanities last summer awarded Bentley a focus grant to develop a model curriculum for the liberal arts in pre-professional education, some on campus were surprised. But for many others, it was external recognition that exceptional learning takes place here, in- and outside the classroom.

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