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Fall 2010

Dr. Szymanski Goes to Washington

It’s a fair assumption that few geologists have vials of fake blood in their office. David Szymanski does. For the assistant professor of natural and applied sciences, the liquid is a necessary ingredient for teaching a course in forensic science.TV shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation have helped make the class a popular choice among undergraduates.Putting aside the theatrics and yet-to-be-invented gadgetry of TV crime dramas, Szymanski knows the real-world application of forensics.

Milestones: Weddings and Births

MarriagesNicole Gaglione '06, '08 MBA to Antonio Cella on July 10, 2010.Michelle Gentile '01, '07 MBA to Benjamin Taylor '02 on September 19, 2009.Diane Jarasitis '04 to Jason Evans '05  on November 7, 2009.Jeralyn Kamitian '06 to Ted O'Leary '06 on June 13, 2009.Lori Leland '06 to Kevin Briere on June 26, 2009.Casey Russell '09 to Noelle Sarris on June 5, 2010. BirthsTo Marie Michelle Burbano '01

Taking the Long View

Steve Manfredi ’73 likes the big picture. Looking out from his condominium on Boston’s Atlantic Avenue, he enjoys a sparkling vista of the city harbor.“It’s mesmerizing,” he says. “It changes all the time.”The alumnus has gained a similar bird’s-eye view of Bentley during four years on the Board of Trustees. Elected in 2006, Manfredi currently serves as vice chairman of the board. He also sits on the Executive, Trustee Affairs, and Governance committees, and leads two others: Physical Facilities and Advancement.

Promoting Skills

The World Computer Exchange (WCE) has a sophisticated public relations plan that includes pitch letters, press releases, electronic newsletter, social media initiatives, and an elevator pitch.The comprehensive plan emerged from a partnership between the Boston-area nonprofit and undergraduates enrolled in the Bentley course Public Relations Writing.

Piece Maker

As a sociologist, Angela Garcia routinely fits together how and why people do things. What unfolds when someone calls 911? Takes part in a divorce mediation session? Visits an Internet chat room? Lately she has fixed on a real conundrum: process and motivation in the construction of jigsaw puzzles.Her study of the centuries-old pastime is turning up insights on the nature of . . . work.

Taking Fashion Forward

To say that Adiat Disu ’08 has a passion for fashion is an understatement.“Fashion has always been a source of inspiration for me,” says the Nigeria-born alumna. “I remember talking to many Bentley professors about ideas for combining my love for fashion with business.”Those twin interests led Disu to establish Adiree Fashion Agency in February 2009. The company provides fashion event production and consultation to clients ranging from small design houses to large corporations.


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